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Affordable Remote Site Service (RS2) Options

Covigilant Research is committed to working together with you and providing exceptional value in every service we offer.

Covigilant Research understands that most clinical sites are extremely busy with the day-to-day responsibilities of providing patients with high-quality health care. The necessary paperwork and record-keeping associated with clinical trials can seem to inundate.

We have over 30 years of experience in managing clinical trial research and want to share our affordable solutions for managing clinical trial data.

we work with you to store and access your trial data

Our Options Provide You With Exceptional Value

Covigilant Research, LLC offers subscribers a regular free list of clinical trials; free onsite recruitment advertising; an affordable validated, 21 CFR part 11 eReg & eSource application; and, the option for sites to pick and choose the services we offer that suit their needs.

Our RS2 Application Provides Research Sites:

  • A private, validated, 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA compliant platform
  • Fully customizable database for each study
  • Controlled file access
  • Complete audit trail
  • Track all file activity
  • Be ready at all times of site audits 
  • A platform for remote site audits
  • Learn how to add and remove the prebuilt categories within the study directory 

Your Study Folder

trial data dashboard 1
Trial Data Solutions 1

Your Study Folder Is Ready!!

Your RS2 eRegulatory and eSource preset folders are ready for your customization and use.

After subscribing to the RS2 system, we will email your RS2 access URL to you. Additionally, your login credentials and instructions will follow.

If additional assistance is required or you have any questions please contact Covigilant Research RS2 Technical Support ( or  (877) 994-2272 ext 3)

When you choose the CRC Assist package, which includes the RS2 application for the duration of your trial, you will receive a custom eBinder, eSource, and complete site assistance during the regulatory approval phase of your clinical trial. 

Don’t forget both RS2 and CRC Assist Subscribers have access to our free study advertising.

Never Guess About A File Again!

Trial Data Solutions 2

Our System Tracks All File Activity

With our trial data solution package, you will no longer have to worry about the status of a file.

Additional Site Services | We Will Work With You

Do You Need More or Specialized Services?

We understand.

Without Longterm Contracts…

Choose what Additional Services you need.

Customized Service Options

Additional Services May Include



Trial Period

Affordable Trial Data Management Solutions

RS2 Remote Access

eReg & eSource
$ 99
per Month / 2 months free**
  • Base e-Regulatory & eSource
  • Online Charting
  • Site Monitoring Assistance

RS2 + CRC Assist

Single Site / Single Study & RS2
$ 2999
per Study
  • Start-up E-Binder
  • Regulatory Approval Prepartion
  • Supervise *IRB Submissions & Approvals

Additional Services

Choose What Services You Need
Call Us per Service, may include
  • Televisits
  • EDC Completion
  • Participant Recruitment

We offer three value packed options to manage your trial data.

  1. If you are interested in the basic plan please click or tap on the click here button at the bottom of the CRC Assist column.
  2. If you would like us to manage your files for you, along with managing your study remotely please select the click here button at the bottom of the CRC Remote column.
  3. If you need assistance managing any portion of your trial, please call us immediately for assistance. Pricing will be based on the service(s) you need.

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Covigilant Research Offers Remote Site Services

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$500 per Year per Study

I understand that the commitment is for 12 months, and the subscription will auto-renew. 


Please Schedule Orientation

$2999.00 per Study per Site