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Multiple Users & Monitors Can Access Data Remotely

The Remote Site Services (RS2) that Covigilant Research offers provides you with a validated 21 CFR part 11, HIPPA compliant database and remote access for everyone that you grant access. all of this to you for $99 per month for the first study and $50 for additional studies. 

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Remote Site Services (RS2)

The Remote Site Services (RS2) program from Covigilant Research, LLC, began in 2014. It is one of the results of our understanding of the challenges that health care providers and research sponsors face every day.

In health care, we are forced to address how we can lower the costs of patient care/treatment while continuing to improve upon and provide the best treatment and care possible. We believe that our RS2 program to be a viable solution to reducing the staffing costs associated with a research agenda.

Moreover, this might be a part of the solution to the current challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic

covigilant research remote site services (rs2)

What is Remote Site Service?

We offer many of our valuable services without any contractual requirements, via video conferencing, and electronic communication. That translates to you not having to ever interact with us “in-person” and all interaction will be conducted via HIPAA compliant video-conferencing (think Telemedicine) and electronic options (e.g., email, and file transfer protocols).

Remote Site Audits Are Possible!

Affordable Trial Data Storage Option

Covigilant Research offers an affordable trial data storage system that allows you to stay ready for site audits without breaking the budget.

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Our Remote Site Services Can Help You

There are many services that we can do for you without physically coming to your site. Over the past 2-years, we have worked to find ways to offer sites remote assistance. The reason behind this was complicated, but in summary, we wanted to help as many sites and sponsors possible without being limited to geographic location, or staffing, to name just a few.

We also understand the financial costs associated with providing on-site staff to assist a study coordinator or principal investigator. This realization suddenly gave even more depth to the reason and importance behind us taking time to put together our own set of skills that will bring immediate value to your research agenda.

We can assist you beyond the scope of this list, but here is a select list of what we can do for you to improve the organization and efficiency of your research projects with our remote site services.



Trial Period

We offer almost every service on a per need, per instance, basis to make it even more valuable to you. Moreover, we do this without any long-term contractual agreements.

Our service options and suggestions/advice might be the final component of the solution you need to meet the current challenges we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you to reach out to us to explore how we can be of service to you and your research agenda, and together we can continue our mission to improve health care and treatments that are both efficient and effective.

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Do not let yourself fall behind, Covigilant Research RS2 is ready to help.

The Covigilant Research Difference

When you choose Covigilant Research, LLC for your site management organization, your clinical trials will become more efficient. We do the work for you. Here are just a few of the areas that we will assist you with.

Site Coordinators

Site Coordinators

Our site coordinators are trained in "site start-up from scratch." We provide skilled professionals that understand the dynamics of research and the applications.

Regulatory Control & Compliance

Regulatory Control & Compliance

An administrative and regulatory support system which allows maximal clinic time.

Call Center 24/7

Call Center 24/7

Our research center service associates are dedicated to research activities and rapid patient accessibility. Our service associates have the answers.

Improve Patient Health Care

Improve Patient Care

We work to ensure that the research is collected, analyzed, stored and archived accurately. Striving to improve the standard of patient care naturally.

Breadth of Insight

Breadth of Insight

When you choose Covigilant Clinical Research Centers we will provide access to additional insight into the pharma, biologic, and genetic pipelines.
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