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Covigilant Research, in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is taking the following steps to do our part to improve the health of us all.

Site Measures


We are currently limiting Face-to-face visits for trials until further notice.

Current Patients will be contacted for REMOTE TELEVISITS by their study coordinator or representative.

Necessary procedures, such as laboratory, clinical procedures, and exams scheduled concurrently with the study visits to be completed on site may or MAY NOT be completed based on national and local guidance as we continue to update procedures based on the measures and risks associated.   IF you are asked to complete bloodwork or onsite procedures this new process reduces the clinic visit time to those procedures only.

New patients can attend televisits for study orientations, with follow-up to enroll / consent tentatively after the 15 days of wash through phase of COVID-19.


For the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak we are requesting Sponsor and CRO monitoring be conducted remotely.

If Onsite Monitoring is required it may be postponed until the first week of April 2020 or after.  Those monitoring visits are limited to one monitor for one day on site.  Pre site Preparation with the coordinator for those visits can be arranged to facilitate the monitoring process.

March 20, 2020

To our Suppliers, Sponsors, and Vendors,

Covigilant Research, LLC is working with our providers in an effort to alleviate concerns and minimize exposure to healthcare associated risks due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), as well as promote compliance with newly implemented measures to reduce gatherings and meetings.

Particularly, while public health officials continue to have increased concerns, we are limiting face-to-face contact in the community to a minimum as possible and moving toward our online remote site services to offer offsite assistance to sites, and sponsors. Additionally, we are practicing the most recent CDC guidelines.

The Covigilant Research team would like to offer these services proactively as we address some the acute concerns of public health and safety, but also consider this a valuable step in streamlining the process of data management and site engagement as we develop new therapies to combat these ever mutagenic contagions, as well as other novel therapies across many indications.

These services are applicable to project-wide assistance or can be used for sole-site assurance as selected sites participate in healthcare programs, clinical trials, observational oversight, registry studies, or other medical research.

For more information please contact one of our representatives at

We realize there is a great deal of information reported through media and social media or other internet sites.  You may visit our site for the latest on the COVID-19 outbreak.

We appreciate your continued collaboration and support as we prioritize our patients, providers, customers, employees, and our public health workers. Working together we can stay ahead of any health crisis and diminish the public health impact as well as reduce the economic burden faced during these emergent global issues.


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Omar Hohmann, President
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